Credit Repair

People with credit scores under 619 are considered to have bad credit.


We are a professional credit repair & money management company doing business since March 2010.  We have helped people throughout the United States with bad credit and financial issues save money on services needed to fix their credit, boost their credit scores and better manage their money. 


It's necessary for all individuals with low or poor credit scores due to the following:  


Collections, Tax Liens, Defaulted Student Loans, Charge-Offs, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Judgments, Missed or Late payments, Credit Card debts, Car Repossessions,  Identity Theft items and Defaulted Personal Loans.  To rebuild their credit If they ever plan on buying a house, having a low monthly car payment or carrying a low interest credit card.   


Regardless of your credit situation we can help you because we only use proven strategies that get results!

Currently our clients are experiencing on average an increase of 144 points in 6 months to 277 points in 12 months in their credit scores.  Our goal is to create generations of individuals with good credit from start to finish during their lifetime. 


Did you know people with bad credit pay about 143% more for insurance than those with good credit?



Call Us Today.  Get Your Credit Repaired Right The First Time! 

What you get:

Your credit repaired correctly

Your credit score increased

Negative items removed from your credit report


Essential tips guaranteed to help you keep your credit scores high


Affordable credit repair done legally

Knowledgeable credit consultant repairing your credit

Customized plan for all negative items on your credit report

Unlimited deletions 

NO Hidden Fees

Savings of $100 to $1,375 compared to other companies

Credit Education  To empower you with knowledge needed to understand credit to boost your credit scores and keep your scores high.  Our information will show you how to go from where you are today to a minimum score of 740.

Money Management and Budgeting  Having a healthy budget will reduce stress, worry and debt overload in your life. So you maximize the money you currently make and stay on the right track financially. 


Debt to income ratio (DTI)  We’ll calculate your DTI for you and explain the importance of your DTI.  Having good credit and high DTI can result in being denied credit by lenders.


Consumer Rights Monitoring – We monitor the laws that protect your legal rights during the credit repair process.  In the event a creditor and or credit bureau violates any of these laws we help you sue them for those violations of $1,000.00 each.



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Credit Restoration Services LLC:


We know there are a lot of credit repair companies out there that will offer to help you. So why try us? CRS LLC is extremely knowledgeable about the whole credit repair process from how credit works to the good and bad affects your decisions have on your credit score, as well as what it takes to boost and maintain high credit scores.


We have an excellent understanding of the credit collection industry and will advise you accordingly. We know what the credit bureaus can and can not do with the items on your credit report, and know how to ensure they comply with the laws.


 We offer: 


   1.   Very Knowledgeable Credit Counselors

   2.   A Personalized Approach 

   3.   Proven Results!

   4.   Affordable Service Fees

   5.   More Complete Services         

   6.   Credit Education 

   7.   Money Management  

   8.   Budgeting Preparation

   9.   Debt to Income Analysis

 10.   Accelerated Repayment Plans

Our credit repair process is LEGAL we use proven and tested methods on a daily basis to produce outstanding results for all of our clients.


 Our clients have been in your shoes (POOR OR BAD CREDIT), the difference is they made the decision to repair their credit. As a result, they now have good credit scores, qualify for all types of credit, understand how to correctly manage their credit.  Additionally, they have the knowledge needed to teach their children about credit so they have good credit from start to finish during their lifetime.


 It's time for you to make a decision! Work with us, let Credit Restoration Services LLC help rebuild your credit this year the correct way once or continue on your own not knowing how your next choice will affect your credit score?





The Cost of Bad Credit

Did you know that nearly 60 million adults in America have poor or little to no credit and as a result many of those people pay up to 143% more for car, renters, and home owner’s insurance premiums?


See example below

Insurance Types

Good Credit

Bad Credit

Monthly Difference


 $   80.00

 $ 194.40

 $     114.40


 $   35.00

 $   85.05

 $       50.05


 $ 110.00

 $ 267.30

 $     157.30


 $ 225.00

 $ 546.75

 $     321.75


As you can see in the next example below people with good credit and bad credit purchase the same 15K car.  The person with good credit pays less interest and has a lower monthly payment than the person with bad credit.   So stop over paying for the things you need because your credit is bad.  Make a decision to work on improving your credit score starting Today!


$15,000 Car Loan 

Good Credit  @ 8% Interest

Bad Credit @ 20.9% Interest

Total Difference

Monthly Payment

 $       370.77

 $      469.47

 $      98.70

Total Interest Paid

 $   2,609.52

 $   7,347.30

 $ 4,737.78

Total of 48 payments

 $ 17,797.02

 $ 22,534.80

 $ 4,737.78


In this last example look at the savings the person with good credit enjoys on the purchase of the same house as someone with poor credit.   The person with good credit saves enough money to pay for the car above and still have $54.39 left over.  They also pay 131% less in total interest on the same home and 140% less in total payment than the person with bad credit. 


Consequently, living with bad credit makes life more expensive and much harder than it has to be.  Make a decision to repair your credit Today and start saving thousands of dollars during your life. 



150,000 Home loan for 30 yrs

Good Credit  @ 4.7 % Interest

Bad Credit @ 9.4 % Interest

Total Difference

 Single Family Home

 $     1,075.16

 $     1,500.32

 $        425.16

 Total Interest Paid

 $ 117,057.80

 $ 270,113.99

 $ 153,056.19

 Total of 360 payments

 $ 391,503.98

 $ 547,660.49

 $ 156,156.51